Athens guided nightclub entry

Greece is among the countries with the most intense nightlife. Live greek music in greek restaurants is a possibility too. The greek singers that you listen on the radio, every night perform at bouzoukia. The quiet and picturesque square, with the church of st. George dominating in the center, quickly became a favourite hangout in athens: all day long cafes, bars that will satisfy all music preferences packed with people, night or day, coming off work, or just wandering around after shopping.

You sip your cocktail slowly, while the music gets you into the groove and the city spreads out in front of you, inviting you to join in its vibrant nightlife. The many trendy bars and places throughout the city are varied and full of charm (below you have a quick guide with the best areas). If you want to dive into greek culture and experience the real greek athens by night, then a visit to the bouzoukia are not to be missed.

In exarchia, street art and hipster bars dominate the streets, while psiri is well-renowned as the nightlife district. Whether you are looking for culture, dining places or hardcore party venues, athens by night offers is all. File under: american, vegetarian friendly, bars. In the area, there is a large number of bars and cafes that are bustling with life in the evening (and many also during the day), but it also has many clubs to party in athens until dawn.

With a hip hop and r&b only music policy, this deliberately boutique envogue club focuses specifically on delivering elite hospitality to a clutch of athens most fashionable movers and shakers. It is not a rare occasion for international vips that visit athens, thessaloniki or mykonos to call us up and make a request for an authentic greek live stage experience. With every step you’ll discover hidden treasures; historic cafes, cosy bars as well as clubs with impressive designs in renovated industrial spaces and music venues in old warehouses, hosting live rock concerts.

Features: reservations, outside seating, live music. With an industrial baroque aesthetic, top of the line sound and lighting systems, and the best dj and live acts, combined with a unique approach to partying, lohan nightclub is redefining nightlife one party at a time. File under: american, bars and clubs. And it is not only party and drinks that athens by night has to offer.

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